New Yorkers in Solidarity with the Survivors and Community of East Harlem and EL Barrio

We are an Ad: Hoc Coalition of tenants , advocates , environmental and civil rights groups. We demand the National Transportation Safety Board ( NTSB) use it authority to call for a public hearing in East Harlem for the community, its residents and small business to determine what is needed for the survivors and community of March 12 gas explosion in East Harlem, and what must be done to prevent such a disaster and its accompanying displacement from recurring.


These are the facts so far:

  1. The Con Ed gas main was installed in 1887 and is made of brittle cast iron.  Why were repairs neglected and wha t is being done now to insure that there are no more explosions?
  2. Con Ed CEO John McAvoy made at least $9 million in salary last year.  What has he done to deserve this?
  3. Con Ed paid out $1.06 billion in profit dividends last year.  Con Ed claims it needs to keep stockholders happy and only spends 1/10 of this amount on repairs.  But what about the communities Con Ed is supposed to serve?  Aren’t we more important?
  4. The National Transit Safety Board is investigating the explosion, but a spokesperson admitted that their recommendations usually take a year or more, and this agency has no legal authority whatever.  But it does have the authority to call for public hearings.  Isn’t that what we need now?



  • Families affected are still suffering from homelessness and neglect!  We need to hear from the community where the disaster happened and find out what housing and services are needed.
  • To investigate the liability of Con Ed in this disaster.  Could this have been prevented?  What is Con Ed doing now to prevent future disasters?   Are they doing all they can to make restitution to the community?
  • What is the impact on small businesses?
  • With unemployment so high in the neighborhood,  Con Ed needs to hire unemployed workers from the community and pay for whatever job training is needed.
  • We need an independent environmental impact study.  Was fracking a factor?
  • Con Ed claims that repairs and clean up will raise rates, but this is another fraud.    With over $1 billion in profits, Con Ed cannot  be allowed to put the cost of clean-up on the public.

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